• 04/30/2015

    PoW blockchain

    Sphere's genesis block is mined and a PoW Blockchain is born.

  • Block #3600

    PoS Coin

    Sphere becomes a pure PoS coin.
    PoS rewards
    block #3600 - 4100 = 3600
    block #4101 - 5000 = 360
    block #5001 - 12500 = 36
    block #12501 - 125000 = 3.6
    block #125001 - 1567140 = 0.36

  • Block #1567140

    ERC20 token

    Sphere upgraded from their own Proof of Stake consensus blockchain to an ERC20 token on the Ubiq network utilizing the independent Proof of Work algorithm UBQhash. The swap was performed by Bittrex exchange in a 1:5 ratio.

The Swap

The swap was hosted by Bittrex.
On 03/16/2019, SPHR joined the Ubiq network as an ERC20 asset.

SPHR is excited to announce we swapped from our own independent Proof-of-Work/Proof of Stake network into a ERC20 Asset on the UBQ network.

We have always believed in fair launch, PoW/PoS over ICO. The distribution of a project should be determined by a user's knowledge of mining, ability to function a coin wallet and running a node——not simply investing in an ico. Crypto was founded on open-sourced principles and our team is dedicated to upholding that. The swap onto the Ubq network will bring added security and strengthen the SPHR network while allowing us to maintain our core values. The swap will commence following the UBQ hardfork which will begin support for the Ubqhash algorithm.

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